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Testimonies About FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers (Formerly New Day Wellness)

"My experience with New Day Wellness has been very positive and I have utmost confidence in the staff. My experience began with a 4 session class on fall prevention which was quite informative. As a result, I began taking Tai Chi for balance / arthritis. My balance and strength improved significantly, as well as my gait. I also got laser treatments which stopped the tendonitis pain in my knees which I have experienced for years. I recommend New Day Wellness highly." Karen Archer

“I have always had trouble with knots in my back from working at a computer all day, which usually resulted in headaches that would eventually turn into migraines (I was taking medicine everyday just to keep them away). Working a tedious job, I was tensing up my jaw while concentrating and while sleeping. My brother told me about Laser Therapy after I was complaining to him one day about my symptoms.  I was a little skeptical at first and a little nervous about what it would really be like.  But, the Therapist was very kind and I got an explanation before, during and after the laser therapy session, making sure I understood what they were doing, which calmed my nerves.  The session was about 20 minutes long; the Therapist did my neck, upper back and jaw.  After doing the laser therapy on my jaw, I was actually able to open my mouth all the way, I hadn’t even realized how “locked up” it had been.  I also felt like I had gotten an hour, deep tissue massage in just the 15 minutes he worked on my back and neck. It has been about 2 weeks since just one session and I still feel better than I had in a year!” Kristen Lane

"I am very, very grateful to Bruce Sack and the staff of New Day Wellness for the excellent care I received. The combination of laser therapy for inflammation pain in addition to some physical therapy stretches has almost completely eliminated my back and sciatic pain.  I suffered with the condition for over a year and tried months of physical therapy elsewhere, multiple massage therapy sessions and an injection.  Nothing helped as much the brief treatment I received at New Day Wellness. I can’t recommend this place highly enough to anyone suffering from any kind of inflammation.  Bruce was also kind enough to treat some of my other problem areas (tendonitis from jogging and foot pain) and I am feeling about 95% better. Also, the facility is small which gives it a nice personal touch." Thanks. Mary Ellen Delaplaine

Testimonies About Balance and Falls

"You evaluated me on a device that tabulates balance and I began exercises that you prescribed. I have kept doing the exercises regularly three times a week. Now, I do not fear a fall looking on both sides of streets I cross. I walk my seventy-pound puppy without fear of falling from her unpredictable tugs. For the last month, I have not bothered to take my cell phone in case of a fall when I walk the dog. I walk without a cane. I occasionally alternate between a fast walk and a rest to challenge my cardiovascular system. In few words, I feel younger and more independent. This very evening, I will sing with the St Augustine Choir in the final of the five concerts under the umbrella of Jubilus. I will not need a prop." Anonymous

"I was falling 2 or 3 times per week before coming to New Day and, you know, I have not fallen one time since I finished therapy 4 months ago." Margaret M.

"I write this letter to inform you that I am delighted with the efficiency of your operation. As you know, I came to you with a lot of insecurity regarding my balance. I was given a prescription for a cane by my Primary Care Physician. My Neurologist had sent me to PT, where I was given exercises and treated with infrared Anodyne Therapy but relief lasted only at shorttime. When I heard about New Day Wellness, its laser treatment and the potential balancing treatment, I determined to give your group a try." Anonymous

Testimonies about the Deep Tissue Laser

“I had injections, I tried icing and stretching but the foot pain was still excruciating particularly in the morning.  Now, after using the laser and enrolling in physical therapy at New Day Wellness, I am not only walking without pain, I am back to running over 4 miles a day even on asphalt without any significant increase in pain.”  Greg F

“I was trying the Deep Tissue laser with Bruce kind of as a last resort.  My knee and shoulder pain were not responding to other types of treatment and I was starting to give up hope that there might be anything helpful for someone with an inflammatory condition such as I have.  In just a few treatments at New Day, I am having no pain and I feel excited to get back to work.”  Andrea R

“I try not to feel giddy about how much better I feel after just a few treatments.  But I feel so I good I plan to resume bike riding and I think I could even get back to running before too long.  It makes me want to tell all my friends about this amazing treatment.”  Mary Ellen D

“She told me about you and so I just had to try and see if this treatment could help the pains in my hands.  By the way, she rode with us on a 30 mile bike ride this morning and she hadn’t been able to ride for over 6 months now.”  Diane R

“I can’t believe that I was starting to experience sciatica again.  And I know just how bad sciatica can feel because I have had it before.  But just one treatment seemed to stop the pain.  I came back for another treatment mostly because the other side of my low back was starting to hurt.” WM

“I have not been able to sleep on my shoulder for some time and it was becoming a frozen shoulder just like my other shoulder had done a couple of years ago.  But after just 2 treatments, I slept much better and I am now starting to believe that just maybe this shoulder won’t become frozen after all.” Cheryl W

“I have had pain from neuropathy and swelling for quite a long time.  Both feet feel considerably better since starting the Deep tissue laser.  And I have been able to start a walking and exercise program to try to lose weight and better control the symptoms from my arthritis.”  Mary G.

“My knee always just kills me after a round of golf.  But it really does feel better after that treatment.  This is as good as they have felt in a long time.” Mike

 Other Testimonies

"I joined your group in November, even though I had no financial coverage from my secondary insurance, BCBS of Florida. First, after the first laser treatment, I could feel my toes moving separately, a feeling that had escaped me for years. I have retained that ability since the first treatment and in spite of discontinuance of treatment in December. Second, I was fearful of losing my balance if I ever closed my eyes. I could not tum my head left or right while walking straight. lf I was suddenly in the dark, as at night on my way to an unlighted bedroom, I could not advance and had to hold on to a piece of furniture or the wall until I had light again." Anonymous

"I can't believe how much better I felt after treatment." Harriette A.

"My new life l owe, with much gratitude, to you and your staff at New Day Wellness.  I just hope that you will be able to offer your services as a PPO to many more patients who need confidence and rejuvenation."

Sincerely yours,
Jean "JC" Casagrande
Professor emeritus
Linguistics, CLAS, UF

"Bruce Sack is one-of-a-kind physiotherapist. He exudes confidence because his education is broad and complete. But even more important is the training and information he shared with my wife and me. His sessions are efficient, but not hurried; he explains the purpose of each movement and records the progress.

His mobile unit contains computerized balance and coordination training equipment. His patients can compare their 'scores' to others of the same age, and more importantly, the patient can see graphically his or her own progress. Mr. Sack utilizes a stationary bike and a Total Gym for strengthening and cardiovascular therapy. He has recently added laser treatment for drug free and surgery free pain relief.

Mr. Sacks' efforts are supported and complemented by the capable Gary Kinsey, a retired physiotherapist who has returned to help establish ongoing wellness programs for those needing longer term care.

We are grateful for the physical progress we experienced under their supervision." Bill B. 


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