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For more information on healthy habits check out the links below!

Healthy Eating can be difficult, but here are some ways to help make those healthy choices a little easier.

First of all, what makes a meal "Healthy"?
Some products can be sneaky and advertise low calories per serving or low saturated fats, but checking the label can show otherwise. Here's some tips on reading and understanding food nutrition labels

Need some motivation or an idea of healthy foods? This poster breaks down the recommended serving sizes for each food group. 

It's not only WHAT you're cooking, but HOW you're cooking it. You can cut down on saturated fats and high sodium meals by utilizing alternative cooking methods to increase the health benefits from your meals. 

Planning meals can also help your budget! Preparing ahead can save you time and money. While grocery shopping, you can decide on healthier choices and plan out the meals and snacks for the week. 

Snacking doesn't always have to be bad! Healthy snacks could curb your appetite and allow you to eat smaller portion sizes during meals. Examples of good-for-you snacks for throughout the day are outlined in this article as well as alternatives to sodas and drinks that could be adding unneccesary sugar to your day. 

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