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For more ways to exercise, check out some of the pages below. 

  • If you're just getting started, but can't find the time or motivation, check out HelpGuide.Org for some common barriers to exercise, and ways to beat them to get out there and start moving. 

  • Can't find the time? Here's some around the house work and common chores that can get you the exercise you need to help reduce systemic inflammation and get you feeling better. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute made a list of things you could do a few times a week. Remember to start low and slow! 

  • Just started and finding yourself sore for days after? The FamilyDoctor.org has got some good stretches and warm-up and cool-down tips to help prevent that to keep you moving for the whole week. 

  • Still can't find the time in your busy schedule? These are ways to transform your daily activities into physical ones! Take 10! The American Heart Association has 7 great tips to get you started for just 10 minutes at a time! From doing yoga or lifts while watching TV or reading the paper, opting for the stairs over the elevator, and more!

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